Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday, 20 October 2017

A Ban on Pro-Life Help in Ealing?

On Tuesday 10th October, Ealing Council voted in favour of a motion to do all in their legal means to end the peaceful, pro-life vigil outside Marie Stopes Ealing, which has been there for 23 years. This was in response to a petition by a local group Sister Supporter (SS) who have been protesting our vigils for the last 18 months.
If you want a quick reminder of who Sister Supporter are, this would be them in pink, harassing one of our Counsellors and filming the abortion centre entrance. The Good Counsel Network has been holding a daily vigil at Ealing since 2013, but the Helpers and a variety of other groups, have been holding regular vigils there for the last 23 years and more. There has never been a single arrest or charge raised against any of these groups because they do not attend the vigil to harass but to offer women help and to pray. To attend our vigils see details here.

None of Sister Supporter's "evidence" has been shown to the Good Counsel Network to this date, despite Rupa Huq MP offering to forward it on. Nor has a single Councillor contacted Good Counsel, or responded to our request that they speak to some of the Mothers who have sought our help outside Marie Stopes.

Rebutting claims made that pro-lifers harass women, Good Counsel's Director, Clare McCullough has been speaking about the work we do and what really happens at Ealing. Note how those speaking against her continually make unsubstantiated accusations and refuse to provide any evidence from the constantly present cctv cameras at the Marie Stopes Centre.
To provide support and help for the Mothers who are glad we are outside the centres offering help, and who choose life please donate here.

Friday, 28 July 2017

27 Mile March for Life

Please sponsor Stuart, Lorraine and Gabi as they take part in this year’s 7th Annual GK Chesterton Pilgrimage. Gabi and Stuart, along with others, plan to walk the full 27 miles from Notting Hill to Beaconsfield. Grandmother of three, Lorraine will join them when they stop to pray outside the abortion centre in Ealing, where she prays regularly, and will walk the remaining 22 miles with them.

And you can sponsor Lorraine here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lorraine-coyne

To sponsor Gabi you will need to send a cheque payable to; The Guild Of Our Lady of Good Counsel, to, PO Box 46679, London, NW9 8ZT. All money raised will go to the Life Saving work of The Good Counsel Network (You can also send cheques for Lorraine and Stuart to the same address).

If you would like them to pray for anyone along the way, whether you sponsor them or not, please send an email to catholicgkcsociety@yahoo.co.uk

Details of the pilgrimage, which you are welcome to attend, and for copies of the GK Chesterton prayer in a number of languages, see www.catholicgkchestertonsociety.co.uk

Friday, 5 May 2017

"Pro-Choice Feminists" Harass Pregnant Mums and Counsellors

Please share this picture far and wide, Sister Supporter the 'pro-choice, feminists' turned up at Ealing abortion centre today to film and record women entering Marie Stopes as our Counsellors speak to them. Here is one of their male 'feminists' filming a woman who has just entered, who our Counsellor to the left of the gate was speaking to. Do you think filming women entering Marie Stopes is OK? Do you think recording them speaking or choosing not to speak to a Counsellor is OK? This is what Rupa Huq the local MP has encouraged by supporting Sister Supporter protests.

And now Sister Supporter are standing in the street screaming that our Counsellors are filming women going in because we took photos of them filming women going in. God help us, I salute the two incredibly Christlike Counsellors there this morning.

Support a Pro-Life vigil and help women who need real help; http://www.goodcounselnet.co.uk/Abortion--apos-Clinic-apos--Vigils.html

Sunday, 30 April 2017

There's Just One Thing Wrong With The March For Life & We Can't Just Ignore It

There's no denying that the organisers of the March for Life UK have worked incredibly hard to develop the March for Life into a professionally run and inspiring event. This year as usual there are some speakers of a certain calibre, Lila Rose of Live Action for instance, and 3 UK Bishops will be attending, which is quite an achievement in itself. However, there is something seriously wrong with the March, and it needs to be addressed now, rather than some years down the line.

This event is far too good to be attended by a couple of thousand people!

Only you can address this problem. Please come yourself and invite your friends, and even the luke-warm pro-lifers, this will warm them up for sure!

50 years on from the abortion act being passed here, and 8.7 million lives - about the size of the current population of London, if not this year, when will you come?

Follow this link to our website and find the links for London coaches from Westminster, Ealing, Upton Park, and Clapham South as well as coaches from across the UK. See you there!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Women Who Have Been Silenced Speak Out

Hear from the people who really count, the Mothers who changed their minds at abortion centres because they were offered help by pro-lifers outside. As BPAS intensify their campaign to keep business booming, hear the truth from the women the media and the abortion industry want to keep silent.


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Pro-Abortion Media Storm; A Response

Today the Mail on Sunday have published an inflammatory article attacking the outreach to women outside abortion centres which Good Counsel and other groups are involved in.

This will be the launch of a spectacular media campaign, inspired (orchestrated?) by BPAS to encourage MPs to back a new buffer zone bill (the aim of BPAS’ #Backoff business initiative to prevent women backing out of abortion when they are offered help by pro-lifers). Last year a small number of MPs backed efforts to bring in “Buffer Zones” round abortion centres.

So, backed by the most biased research team ever (Dr Pam Lowe, darling of Abortion Rights and Dr Graeme Hayes of Aston University) BPAS will now re-launch this campaign with the help of Keir Starmer, MP.
Dr Pam Lowe of Aston University speaking to Paul Tully of SPUC and Clare McCullough at the March for Life in May. Despite agreeing to do so, Dr Lowe and her colleague Dr Graeme Hayes have repeatedly neglected to respond to our invitation to speak to women who accepted help  from us outside abortion centres. Yet her research on Pro-life Vigils is used to promote the Buffer Zone movement

To help them do this, their favourite media chums (Channel 4, The Guardian and now the Mail on Sunday) have left no stone unturned.

Since February 2016, Good Counsel, 40 Days for Life and Abort 67 have had a selection of undercover ‘journalists’ on their tails. These ‘journalists’ have made a series of spectacular new discoveries:

  • Good Counsel mentions that there are many studies showing an increased risk of breast cancer following abortion, while acknowledging that the medical establishment does not accept there is a proven link. (First reported 1998)
  • Abort 67 displays graphic images at abortion sites. (Acknowledged all over their website and known by everybody who has ever read an article on pro-life witnesses).

And Shockingly

  • 40 Days for Life was an idea that first came from – wait for it – AMERICA!

Yes. I am afraid it’s all true.

What is not true however is that we harass, shout at, follow or film women going to abortion centres. This is one lie that has been repeated so often it is now “fact” to the general public.

Unfortunately the Mail on Sunday and the Channel 4 Dispatches Programme (this Wednesday, 5th October 11pm) as well as Aston University’s Research team refused to accept our offer to speak to any number of the 100’s of Mothers who have chosen life after accepting Good Counsel’s help outside an abortion centre; the very women who could tell them everything about what we do and don’t do, if they really wanted to know.

Please read and watch these and other reports on pro-life witnesses at abortion centres over the next few days and write in demanding that these women get their chance to speak.

There will be many important updates on this story from Good Counsel, so follow us on Facebook and on Twitter  Send us an email asking to receive updates
info(at)goodcounselnetwork.com Don’t miss the next part of this ongoing attempt by the abortionists and their media stooges to stop pregnant Mothers receiving the offer of help and alternative to abortion that so many of them want.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Beautiful Pro-Life Videos and Your MP

The idea of their buffer zones is to stop pro-lifers offering help to pregnant women outside abortion 'clinics'. Whilst no doubt some of the people supporting the idea of buffer zones may be well meaning, we can be sure they know very little about what actually takes place at our vigils. The idea that the two pro-lifers in the photo above, praying opposite Whitfield Street abortion centre in London, are there to intimidate anybody, is, of course, preposterous.

Please watch the following video, of one young mother who desperately needed help to keep her children, and was able to receive that assistance, because there were no buffer zones; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCw-CqRb1UIuD8-me5XQXxg

Please then contact your MP and ask them not to support moves to hinder caring, pro-life vigils. You may, of course, send them the link to the video to back up your arguments. You can find your MP's contact details here: http://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-your-mp/

Then please do see SPUC's video of another mother helped by Good Counsel, and sign their petition;

Then please invite all of your friends and family to this 'event' on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/events/1519476211704176/. All of this should take you less than 15 minutes. 

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